2017 Top Popunder Ads Network

PopAds – This is one of the top tier popunder ad

networks , with a minimum payout of $5. They

don’t have minimum requirements for traffic for a

site in order to use them, they accept traffic

from around the world, and their CPM rate is

relatively high for US traffic. If you’re in an adult

niche they will service you, but they also work

with SFW sites.

ExoClick – Billing themselves as the fourth

largest ad network in the world, this site has over

5 billion impressions globally per day. Their

platform is entirely self-service with a lot of deep

targeting options if you want to take advantage

of them. They have pop-ups and popunders as

well as other traditional ads. Their minimum

payout is $20, though, and they seem to have a

slightly lower CPM. As a bonus, they can pay via

wire transfer in addition to the standard suite of

e-payment options.

You might like:

PopCash – This network is interesting in that it

doesn’t seem to be blocked by common ad

blockers. Their minimum payout is $10. They

offer stats updated hourly, daily payments if

you’re making enough, and a full dashboard to

control your ad campaign. They approve sites

quickly and are easy to integrate. Like PopAds,

they accept both SFW and NSFW sites.

PopOnClick – This network allows you to choose

geographically local targeting, and they claim

that some publishers get as much as a $30

CPM. For advertisers, this can mean a pretty

expensive set of ads, but it’s excellent for

publishers. Their minimum payment level is $10,

but they only seem to offer monthly payments.

RevenueHits – This is a well known network with

a pretty good referral program (though my link is

not a referral link, if you want to check) and a

decent blog. They have high standards, however,

and their minimum payout is $50, higher than the

rest of this list thus far. In addition to popunders,

they do display ads and text ads. Their

popunders work on CPC, CPM, and CPA models

depending on your needs.

Clicksor – One of the most reputable ad

networks in the world, Clicksor has a long history

and has quite a few high profile detractors who

couldn’t cut it and take it out on those who can.

They too have a $50 minimum payout, and have

a variety of different ad styles, including text

banners, in text ads, and interstitials.

Gunggo – Use this network with caution! They

offer some shady types of ads, including video

popunders, which can be pretty iffy for legit

marketers. Word is they can be pretty lucrative,

but there are some stories of unpaid balances

that make me skeptical. They also seem to

focus more heavily on adult sites, so if you’re

not willing to run with that kind of crowd, you

should steer clear.

PropellerAds – This is another one of the top-

end, ultra-legit ad networks that has been in

business for some time. They have global traffic

but segment it for ideal targeting. Additionally,

they get around adblockers by triggering their

ads on clicks. The minimum payment is $100, or

$500 if you’re using wire transfer, however. It’s a

bit much if you’re operating at low volumes.

AdCash – This one is another of the boringly-

named but effective ad networks. One gripe is

that advertisers require a minimum buy-in of

$1000, which can be a high hurdle if you’re

looking for simple low-level testing. However,

their geographic targeting is quite good, so you

can do well with their traffic as an advertiser.

Ad Maven – This is one of the better but slightly

lesser known networks around. They offer a wide

range of advertising options, including banners,

lightboxes, sliders, and popunders. Approval is

near-immediate and it’s simple to get ads up and

running in the span of minutes. Their minimum

payout is $50 bi-weekly.

Bidvertiser – This ad network uses some pretty

interesting methods for advertising. Their ads

system is mixed with a bidding system that helps

publishers in high demand niches earn more,

while advertisers can optimize their budgets to

appear at the best sites they can afford. They’re

well worth checking out if you want to


JuicyAds – This network is interesting in that

they bill themselves as “the sexy advertising

network.” They have 81,000 clients through over

155,000 websites and have been in operation for

a decade. However, as their branding implies,

they work pretty much exclusively with adult

sites . If you’re in the industry, it’s one of the

best networks available. If not, it’s a no-go.

CPMoz – Not to be conflated with Moz.com, no

relation. They’re consistent with their payments,

they haven’t been known to scam people, and

they have pretty high rates. They’re also the

polar opposite of Juicy Ads in terms of content;

they don’t accept adult content whatsoever. This

means your sites will be in good company.

Adsterra – This is one of the top international

ad networks with over ten billion views per

month. They divide their traffic into 190 different

geolocations, so you have pretty precise

targeting. If you’re interested in that kind of

thing, they also offer payments in Bitcoin.


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